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Backups are an important part of web site administration. When you keep backup copies of your website’s files and configurations in a safe location, you can use them to restore your web site in the event something happens that prevents it from functioning correctly.

On all shared and reseller hosting servers we take daily, weekly and monthly (resources permitting) backups of all cPanel/Plesk accounts in full (meaning it includes website files, MySQL/MSSQL databases, emails, etc...). This however does not mean our backups are 1 day, 1 week and 1 month old respectively.

At some point in the month all three backups will be just 1 day old (as the backup routine runs daily). It is for this reason we ask our clients to not rely on our backups for instances where they may need to restore their account to a previous state due to a website editing mistake or a Word press upgrade error or may be any of the other reason however Backups are not included as part of any service. It is the customer's sole responsibility to make backups and save them elsewhere off server. Availability of server backups is not guaranteed and we are not responsible for loss of customer data. Customers are advised to make backups of the information they store on our servers on a regular basis. Our Control Panel provides tools that allow customers' to make data backups, download data, download backups, etc.

A "Backup/Restore" feature is included in cPanel/Plesk with each hosting plan and you can use this tool to back up your files

We create weekly backups of our Shared & Reseller hosting accounts that are UPTO 2 GB and 70,000 inodes.

PLEASE NOTE:  While we make every attempt to ensure the reliability of our backup system, we are unable to guarantee that a specific version or date of your files will be available at anytime. We cannot guarantee the backup will contain the exact desired content for every customer, since the backups are scheduled and overwrite previous backups

E-mail backups

Your e-mail messages are located in the "mailstore" directory of your home directory, and are therefore backed up automatically.

However, we can only back up messages that are actually on our servers. This includes all new (unread) mail and all mail you can see in Webmail. It will not include old (previously read) incoming messages if you read mail using a program like Outlook on your own computer and you've configured that e-mail program to delete messages from the server when you read them.

So if you use your own mail program instead of webmail, and that program deletes messages from the server after they've been read, your computer will have the only copy of the old messages. You'd need to back up your own computer to make a backup of that old incoming mail and your sent mail.

If you want our backup system to store copies of your old incoming messages, too, you should make sure your mail program leaves messages on our servers after you read them. With an IMAP connection, this will happen automatically; with a POP connection, you may need to change a setting in your mail program.

Finally, keep in mind that we can only back up e-mail that's stored in a mailbox on our servers. Any messages that you simply forward to another site will never reach our backup system in the first place. (Whoever handles the final delivery should be backing them up there, of course.)

Backups As an Add-on service:

1) Backups for shared Hosting

1.1) Backup of an Active Account
Upon request, we will provide complimentary copies of any backup content available with us however you need to pay some extra amount depending upon the size of your account Please refer the below table for details:

Type of the Shared Account
Account Size Available for backups
Amount payable for backups
1 To 2 GB
2 To 5 GB
2 To 5 GB
5 To 8 GB
5 To 8 GB
8 To 10 GB
**** We do not Provide Backups over 10 GB

1.2) Backup of a Suspended Account
In order to generate a backup of an account, status of the account should be “ACTIVE”.

However if you wish to take a backup, of suspended account and not renew it any further then a one time, you need to pay $15 /Account as a one time activation fee in order to reactivate the account. Once you paid the above said amount your account will get activated. Now to get the backup you need to pay the fees applicable for backup generation & as per the size of the backup you wish to restore of an active account given above in the chart. Backups can be downloaded within 48 hours once paid after which after which the account will be deactivated and removed from our servers

1.3) Backup of a Cancelled Account
If you wish to take a backup of your cancelled account, you need to contact to our Support team via live chat or you can place ticket and ask for backups, if backups are available or not. If Backups are available up to 10 GB you can ask for backups with following conditions:

1.3.1) since the account is already cancelled it will cost you a fee of $35 as a one time reactivation fee. To restore the available backup, you need to pay the fees applicable for backup generation & as per the size of the backup you wish to restore of an active account given above in the chart. Backups can be downloaded within 48 hours once paid after which it would be removed.

1.3.2) Renewal amount needed to pay for continuing the plan ahead for a year is excluded.

2) Backups for Reseller Hosting
As a reseller hosting provider you need to take care of backups of your client’s website, however we will help you to take care of that by providing an extra storage space as per your needs You can upgrade your backup plan at any time. Simply choose from the following packages:

Storage Space for Backups
Amount payable for backups
5 GB
$ 5/month
10 GB
$ 10/month
25 GB
$ 15/month
50 GB
$ 30/month