Simple yet powerful, site designed by us is the easiest way to get your business online and showcase your work.

• Ready in as few as 7 business days*
• Includes free domain, hosting, and updates for 1 year**


Cheap & Affordable Plans for Web Development

web design starter

  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Free Domain for 1st year
  • Free Hosting for 1st year
  • Ready in 7 business days
  • Design Consultation for 2 Sites
  • 1 Month Maintenance after publish
  • Skype Consultation with Designer

web design personal

  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Free Domain for 1st year
  • Free Hosting for 1st year
  • Ready in 12 business days
  • Design Consultation for 2 Sites
  • 2 Months Maintenance after publish
  • Skype Consultation with Designer

web design pro

  • Up to 20 Pages
  • Free Domain for 1st year
  • Free Hosting for 1st year
  • Ready in 15 business days
  • Design Consultation for 3 Sites
  • 3 Months Maintenance after publish
  • Skype Consultation with Designer


Addon Services
 Logo Design
 Integration of Billing Application
 Integration of Payment Gateways
 Integration of Chat Applications
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Why Site Designer Is Required?

A Designer can help you with any project—from SEO tweaks to a brand new project.

• Build your site from scratch
• Make tweaks to an existing site
• Search engine optimization
• Generate more traffic
• Security and bug fixes
• Create your new brand

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How It Works?
Getting your business online has never been this easy. Follow these 4 simple steps and your website will be live in as few as 7 days.

cheap web design share
You share your vision Tell our experts about your business and what you want from your website in a phone consultation. From there, choose your layout from our huge library of professional, industry-relevant themes, share your content and we go to work.
web design build
We build your site Our experts start coding, adding your text, images and logos to the design you selected. And if inspiration strikes while your site is being built, you can even get another consultation, per your plan.
web design approve
You approve and we launch Once the site is ready we will demo it for you. Once approved, we run it through our various quality checks to ensure it’s flawless. Finally, we take it LIVE on the domain of your choice.
web design update
We keep it up to date We not only create your site, we maintain it for a full year. Need to add an image or update some text? Just give us your changes and we’ll make them free of charge∞. The number of monthly updates you can make depends on the plan you buy.
Got a Question? We've the Answer!

Yes, we provide a website service. You can get a website for your domain designed from our experts and create a strong online presence from your website.

Sure you can email sales@webhostingworld.net and we will be glad to provide you some examples of sites we have completed.

  • You can create a website for free by signing up for our webhosting plans which include a free site builder.
  • Decide the kind of website you want to build.
  • Decide the kind of website you want to build.
  • Modify a pre-made template or have a website built specifically for you.
  • Move and reorder a large number of design elements with the mouse.
  • Prepare yourself to engage in business.
  • Publish your website and make it accessible to the public.
  • Encourage people to visit your website.

Several factors such as consistency, colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality contribute to good website design.

With the WebhostingWorld design plans, it will just cost you $199/month to build a basic website design.

The website's content is the essential component of any website. Your website would be nothing more than an online advertisement if it lacked content; advertising is not an efficient method for internet marketing. Any marketing professional who builds websites should always have as their primary objective the production of a valuable online resource for people.

  • It creates an initial impression.
  • It is beneficial to your search engine optimization (SEO) approach.
  • It sets the tone for client service
  • It fosters trust among your target audience.
  • It establishes consistency.

Yes, we offer logo design just for $50

Yes, we can re-design your existing website. All you need to do is let us know what changes are you looking at and our team of experts will re-design the site as per your requirements.

Yes, we can develop a site from a template. You need to upload and provide us with the template from which you need to develop a website and we will take care of everything else.

Any website we build has our full support, and we are always available to assist you if you experience any issues or require any enhancements. In addition, we provide services including the maintenance and hosting of websites, search engine optimization and marketing, graphic design and print, and registration of domain names. So you have nothing to worry about.

Yes, we offer wordpress site design from a wordpress template. You can choose to use a free wordpress template or a paid template and provide the same to us . We will then install the template under your domain and develop it into a fully functional website.

While we try and deliver a fully functional website in 7 business days , it also depends on various factors like your requirements, changes needed at different steps , content development which could take a little longer for final site delivery,

Yes, your website will be fully customized and made fully responsive to work on tablets and mobile devices as well.

You will be the owner of your website and its content, and will own the copyright for the website.

Yes, we will optimize the site for search engines while designing it and take care of On page SEO. OFF page SEO is a different part and will not be managed as a part of website design.

Yes, we do provide gateway integration at the cost of $30

Packages for search engine optimization typically comprise services such as content creation, keyword research, and technological optimizations.

Billing application integration is integrating your billing software with other applications. This can include accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, eCommerce platforms, and more. The goal of billing application integration is to streamline your billing process and improve efficiency.

You can always contact our design team for assistance by placing a ticket to design department. As the design work progresses you can also use an application like skype to get in contact with the design expert working on your design

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