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cPanel Pricing

Introducing our cPanel License pricing, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in managing their web hosting environments. With our professional cPanel License options, you can efficiently oversee and control your website, email, databases, and more, all through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Our cPanel License pricing offers a range of plans to accommodate varying levels of usage and requirements. Experience the ease of one-click installations for popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. Additionally, benefit from advanced security measures designed to safeguard your valuable data with utmost professionalism.

Our Reseller plans offer varying numbers of cPanel accounts to accommodate your business needs:

  • Reseller STARTER : 15 cPanel accounts
  • Reseller PRO : 50 cPanel accounts
  • Reseller SUPREME : Unlimited cPanel accounts
The Unlimited plan will still allow you to host unlimited cPanel accounts but at an extra cost of $0.4 per cPanel account per month above 100 accounts.

The dedicated server license allows you to host 100 cpanel accounts. It will still allow you to host unlimited cPanel accounts but at an extra cost of $0.4 per cPanel account per month above 100 accounts

License Pricing Tiers for VPS servers

cPanel Pricing for VPS
cPanel Solo (1 Account) $17.49/mo
cPanel Admin (Up to 5 accounts) $29.99/mo
cPanel Pro (Up to 30 Accounts) $42.99/mo
cPanel Plus (Up to 50 Accounts) $49.99/mo
cPanel Premier (Up to 100 Accounts) $60.99/mo
cPanel Pricing for Dedicated Servers
cPanel Premier Metal (Up to 100 Accounts) $60.99/mo

cPanel Features

File Management Features in cPanel

In cPanel, the file management features provide users with efficient tools for organizing and manipulating their website files. These features include the ability to upload, download, delete, and edit files directly within the interface. Additionally, users can create and manage directories, set permissions, and even compress and decompress files.

Email Management Through cPanel

When it comes to managing your emails through cPanel, it's essential to utilize the tools and features available to streamline your communication process. With cPanel, you have the capability to create and manage email accounts, set up email forwarding, and configure autoresponders. Additionally, cPanel offers spam filtering and track delivery options to enhance the security and efficiency of your email system.

Security Features Provided by cPanel

cPanel offers robust security features to safeguard your website and data. These include SSL/TLS encryption for secure data transmission, two-factor authentication for an added layer of login security, as well as IP address blacklisting and hotlink protection to prevent unauthorized access and content theft.

Database Management with cPanel

Database management with cPanel is a crucial aspect of maintaining a well-functioning website. cPanel provides an easily operated interface for managing databases, allowing users to create, modify, and delete databases with ease. Additionally, cPanel offers tools for importing and exporting database files, optimizing database performance, and managing user permissions.

Advanced Functionalities in cPanel

In cPanel, advanced functionalities empower users with enhanced control and capabilities for managing their web hosting environment. These advanced features include robust tools for domain management, database administration, security configurations, and email management. Users can leverage these functionalities to optimize their website's performance, strengthen security measures, and streamline administrative tasks. By harnessing the advanced capabilities within cPanel, users can elevate their online presence and ensure seamless operation of their web hosting environment.

The advantages of a cPanel license are evident in its ability to streamline website management, enhance security measures, and provide an easy-to-use interface. These benefits contribute to an efficient and secure web hosting experience, making it a valuable investment for businesses and individuals alike.

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