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Protect your users from identity theft with EssentialSSL certificate.


EssentialSSL is an inexpensive domain validation certificate suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The certificate is usually issued within 15 minutes and involves no paperwork. With an EssentialSSL certificate, you get unlimited reissues, mobile browser support, and a free Comodo Site Seal. This affordable certificate provides the encryption and validation that build customers' trust in your site.

  • Great for personal websites or social media
  • Domain Validation
  • Single Domain
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)


$40.50 / year

All Features
 Domains Included
 Additional Domains
 Great for
Personal Websites
 Validation Level
Domain (DV)
www.site.com and site.com
 Local Domains
 Mobile Support
15 days
 Browser Support
Free, unlimited
 Key Length
from 2048
up to 256-bit
What Do You Get With EssentialSSL?

domain validation
Domain Validation Comodo checks domain ownership before issuing the certificate. Domain-validated certificates are usually issued in just minutes.
sll certificate warranty
$10,000 Warranty With EssentialSSL, Comodo provides a $10,000 warranty for your customers, should any of them ever incur a loss due to a mis-issued certificate.
single domain security
Single-Domain Validation The Comodo process provides security for a single domain name with EssentialSSL.
free site seal
Static Site Seal You'll receive a free static Site Seal with your SSL certificate. Place the seal on your site as an ongoing reminder to your customers that shopping on your site is safe and secure.
refund policy
15-Day Refund Policy We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Every Comodo EssentialSSL comes with a 15-Day Refund Policy, so you can take time to be sure you have the SSL you need.
no paperwork
No Paperwork Comodo handles all validation over the internet, so you can say goodbye to the time-consuming hassle of paperwork.

To make the certificate issuance process faster, you need to ensure that you have correct contact information on Whois for your domain. You also need to have a CSR generated on your web server for your domain name.


● SSL certificates must be installed on your web server. Therefore, an end-to-end SSL installation support is possible only in cases where the domain name is hosted with WebHostingWorld. If the domain is hosted with any other provider, please contact their support team for assistance with CSR generation and SSL installation.
● Selected orders may be flagged for an additional "Brand Validation" procedure by the Certificate Authority. This is a necessary security measure. If the order is flagged for Brand Validation, SSL issuance will be delayed for a period of time deemed necessary by the Certificate Authority.

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