Backup Management Tutorial

● How to Create Backup of Home directory?
Download a zipped copy of your entire site or a part of your site that you can save to your computer. When you backup your website, you have an extra copy of your information in case something happens to your host. For more information, read the documentation.

Backup creation: To create your backup, go to the Backups Manager section of your cPanel and click on the Backup>>Partial backups>>Download a Home Directory Backup>>click on Home Directory.

As soon as you click on home directory it will start the backup generation of the home directory. Once it is completed a compressed file in “tar.gz” is generated & you can download it on your local machine.

● How to Restore Home directory Backup?
In order to restore your Home directory files, you should click on the “choose file” option to select the location of the file where you have stored it. After that click on “Upload “which will easily upload back the files to your hosting account and your website will be restored.

● How to Create Database Backup?
Database backup can be created and restored via PhpMyadmin as well as via Backup Wizard. In order to create Database backups via Backup Wizard follow the below mentioned steps

1) Click on “Backup wizard” option from cPanel.
2) Click on “Backup” button.

3) Click on Select Partial Backup>>MySQL Databases. It will list the database names.

4) Select the Database which you wish to download on your local machine, as soon as you will click on selected database it will start download in “sql.gz” format.

● How to Restore Database Backup?
1) Click on Restore option

2) Click on “MySQL Databases

3) Next click on the "Choose File” you wish to restore.

4) Once you select the file click on the “Upload” button.
5) And you are done with the restoration of selected database.